The Followers of Bob - Rebirth

The Return!

And the guild is back, and slow going. Nearing level 5, but with just me right now, it's going pretty well. But we still have the 6 slot bank, and a couple perks unlocked.

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More to come. Maybe. =p

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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone!

Hope everyone has been having a good year, or at least better than mine. =p

Hopefully we can get more activity on here this coming year. =D

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A couple possible updates =D

In the coming months I'm going to be playing around with looking at different forum software. This all depends on the level of stupid SMF is or becomes. Currently I'm looking at some comparison sites to see what's out there and good and usable etc. phpBB is kind of a last resort imo. (As when we used it I really hated admining it.) will be where I will play with anything though before attempting to port over.

It's not a certainty though. >.> All this from looking at how to fix the stupid youtube tags. They don't show the video as far as I can tell. (Apparently SMF has been dicking over any one that speaks up about how they're doing things. Hell, they even banned one of the original creators of SMF from the forums. >.<)

So, any suggestions or opinions on different forums that anyone has used will be appreciated.

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Welcome to the rebirth forums! =D

sorry raven but i appeared to have accidentally cleansed the few posts that were here when i was moving stuff around. =p

It's slowly getting set up. =3 the you tube tags are in, tiny portal is up (duh)and a few newer features. like the staff page, a default avatar for those without one set up, reason for editing box when you edit your posts (link not the ajax edit), you can now leave notes on a person's profile page, join date should now be visable, changed how attachments are listed on the post (horizontal with text now), a couple good anti spam ones (aski is one and it works great), and a new display under our names for member awards (you know, a tiny badge for whatever thing we want). i figure these will be nice additions and add a little more to the site. =D

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